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Triad Landscape Supply Delivery to Kernersville

Whether you’re revamping your entire property or building a single fire pit, we’ve got all the quality products in stock to see you through your landscaping projects.

You can get top-quality mulch, rock, soil, stones, flowers, trees, and plants from our well stock nursery near Horneytown. If you are in a rush, you can benefit from our express drive-thru. We will get you loaded up and on your way in no time. We also offer delivery services, so give us a call today to have your materials delivered right to your door!

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Landscape Supply Delivery to Kernersville

Located in Kernersville, NC, we supply landscaping companies and homeowners throughout the triad of North Carolina. We take pride in the superb quality of our inventory. We continue to devote our time and resources to providing exceptional customer service and premium materials; striving to be the go-to spot for our community’s landscaping, home, garden and holiday needs.

See what we have to make your seasons and holidays even more special.





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Call us today for quick delivery or stop by to look at the rock and mulch options to help visualize your next landscape design project.

Mulch Delivery Kernersville

Triad Landscape Supply offers a wide range of mulches for your landscaping needs. We have black, brown, mahogany, and red mulches to match your property’s color scheme. Our selection of source materials includes shredded pine bark and double shredded hardwood. We even have mulch that is certified for use in playgrounds to keep youngsters safe. Whatever mulch material you prefer, we have the landscaping materials you need.

As we head into the Holiday Season we encourage you to shop at our outdoor living and home garden center.

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Rock Delivery Kernersville

Rocks are an aesthetically-pleasing, functional ground cover. Some of the most popular options include decorative gravel, river rocks, and beach pebbles. Rock ground cover typically ranges in size from a tiny eighth-inch pebble to a three-inch rock. Incorporating rocks into your commercial landscape can enhance its value and improve the overall first impression of your property. With a little bit of maintenance, rock ground cover can control erosion and reduce unwanted plant growth.

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Stone Delivery Kernersville

We offer stone and rock pallets in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Get the most out of your landscaping project by calling Triad Landscape Supply. Our experienced turf technicians know how to install your new stones so they require little maintenance properly.

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Soil Delivery Kernersville

We’re proud to offer Daddy Pete’s Plant Pleaser soil products. Owned by the Smith family, this organic line of soil products is brought to you straight from the fields of North Carolina. We sell Daddy Pete’s soil in bulk and in individual bags. Choose from a wide range of soils for all uses. From traditional lawn and garden soil to potting mix to Pete’s Perennial Pleaser, we carry soil for every landscaping need.

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